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Criminal Law

criminal law

In Maryland, as well as the rest of the United States, when someone commits a crime, no matter the type or severity, they are entitled to a fair trial and great representation to ensure that they get a penalty that is just for their actions. Our Maryland criminal defense lawyers specialize in these types of defenses, and they can ensure that those who commit these crimes will have their rights protected as well as be treated throughout all phases of the MD criminal justice system. Please contact them immediately for a free case evaluation as they handle all areas of criminal law.

Criminal Law Cases Our Defense Attorneys Handle

There are many different types of defenses that are often cited in the state of Maryland and around the country to help criminals to get their fair day in court in regards to their specific crime. These defenses will vary with each client and situation at hand, and it is best to consult a criminal defense lawyer in the state of Maryland before continuing with any court proceedings.

A Baltimore, MD criminal defense lawyer from our firm will be able to weigh out options and ensure that their client has their right to a fair trial, as they are well versed in each applicable defense that could potentially pertain to their individual case.

Many often used types of criminal defenses are:

  • •          Insanity or mental disorder – The defense of insanity or a mental disorder by the part of a criminal defense lawyer’s client will suggest that the person was not in the correct frame of mind to commit the crime due to an inability to create proper intent.
  • •          Intoxication – The effectiveness of intoxication as a defense will often greatly depend on if the state of mind was voluntary or involuntary. If the intoxication is proved to be involuntary, it can create grounds for defense due to a lack of basic intent for the crime.
  • •          Self-defense – The defense of self-defense is often used in cases of murder or assault where a person is being charged with the damages they inflicted on another person. If the defendant can prove that their actions were committed while defending themselves from the victim from harm, they can be considered not guilty of the crime at hand.

The ability of a person to use any of these defenses depends solely on their individual case, charges, and situation. Only the help of a skilled Maryland defense attorney can determine which defenses may be suitable for a particular case.

Types Of Criminal Offenses

Criminal offenses are broken down in to 3 specific types depending on whom or what a person’s crime directly affects. These offenses are categorized as personal offenses, property offenses, and participatory offenses, and the criminal defense lawyers of Maryland are skilled in representing clients in all types of criminal offense situations.

Personal Offenses

A personal offense is considered to be crime that affects another physical body. These offenses are typically violent or physical in nature, and have been known to cause the victims of a crime to experience serious injury or death as a result. Some common personal offenses include:

  • •          Assault
  • •          Battery
  • •          Rape
  • •          Sexual abuse

The penalties incurred due to guilty convictions of personal offense crimes are often harsh or severe, particularly when the defendant is being charged with a felony level crime.

Property Offenses

Property offenses are offenses that affect another person’s property. This property can include a person’s land, home, belongings, or finances, and these crimes can range greatly in the felony and misdemeanor ranges. Property offenses will often include crimes such as:

  • •          Theft
  • •          Robbery
  • •          Extortion
  • •          Vandalism
  • •          Fraud
  • •          Burglary
  • •          Criminal trespass

Those facing charges related to property offense crimes can face penalties that span a vast array of different levels. Both misdemeanor and felony property offense cases should always be represented by a high quality attorney to ensure that the party responsible is given a penalty that fairly represents their actions.

Participatory Offenses

A participatory offense is a type of crime that can fall into two categories. One way to commit a participatory crime is to associate with other criminals carrying out a crime, and the other is to be involved in criminal activities that may not go as planned or come to fruition. Participatory cases will often leave quite a bit of evidence up in the air, making it particularly important that the defendant has a strong defense for their case.

Some commonly encountered types of participatory crime are:

  • •          Accomplice
  • •          Conspiracy
  • •          Aiding and abetting
  • •          Attempting to commit a crime

Misdemeanor Versus Felony Criminal Defense Cases

When it comes to criminal charges, a misdemeanor charge is a far more attractive situation to be faced with than that of a felony. A misdemeanor charge will often carry a lesser sentence and more manageable criminal fines, which a felony in the state of Maryland will often carry up to 1 year in federal prison and thousands of dollars in criminal fines. When it comes to clearing a person’s criminal record, a misdemeanor charge is also much more likely to be expunged. An expungement will allow a person to clear their criminal record after their sentence has been sufficiently served, and a clean criminal record is more likely to allow a person to continue on with their life in society after they have put their crime behind them.

A felony charge, however, is far more difficult to expunge, creating a more challenging experience for the defendant after their sentence and subsequent penalties are complete. A skilled defense lawyer can often get felony charges lessened to misdemeanor charges depending on the situation of the crime at hand, making it very important that any person facing a criminal charge in the state of Maryland seek the representation of a criminal defense lawyer, contact us today!

To discuss how our Maryland criminal defense lawyers can help you through this trying time please connect with our Maryland lawyers handling criminal law cases for a free initial consultation. We proudly serves those facing legal issues in the Annapolis, Baltimore, Bel Air, Bethesda, Bowie, Cambridge, Centreville, Chestertown, College Park, Columbia, Cumberland, Denton, Easton, Edgewater, Edgewood, Elkton, Ellicott City, Essex, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Glen Burnie, Greenbelt, Hagerstown, Hanover, Havre De Grace, Hyattsville, Joppa, La Plata, Lanham, Landover, Leonardtown, New Carrollton, Oakland, Oxon Hill, Prince Frederick, Princess Anne, Rockville, Salisbury, Snow Hill, Takoma Park, Towson, Upper Marlboro and Westminster, Maryland areas.