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Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyers

maryland criminal defense lawyers

Facing criminal charges of any kind in Maryland is a very scary and very serious situation. Criminal convictions, even for misdemeanors, will exert its’ effects on various areas of your life. Even if it is your first time being arrested for anything your current life is jeopardized. Many people who find themselves smack dab in the middle of the Maryland criminal justice system think it is not a big deal and nothing to worry about. Maybe that is true if you do not care about your money, your driving privileges, your job and or career, your academic status, your freedom and, perhaps most importantly, your children. You see, with a criminal conviction, DUI conviction or serious traffic violation conviction, all of these things can be jeopardized. You are much better off retaining our Upper Marlboro Maryland criminal defense lawyers and letting them protect your rights, freedom and reputation. Please contact our Annapolis Maryland criminal defense lawyers immediately to discuss your case. The focus of our law practice is criminal defense. Over the course of their legal careers our Towson Maryland criminal lawyers have handled every possible criminal charge. Let them do whatever is needed to protect your rights.

Recovery Based Criminal Representation

In many criminal charges drugs and or alcohol is involved. This is true in all types of criminal cases including theft, shoplifting, DUI’s, serious traffic offenses, violent crimes, white collar crimes and juvenile crimes. Many criminal attorneys will overlook this, especially if you were physically clean and or sober (or at least appeared to be) at the time of the arrest. Many Maryland criminal defense attorneys will only see your prior criminal history as an obstacle to having your charges dropped or dismissed. On the one hand that is ok as it is very difficult to have any charges dropped or dismissed if there is a prior criminal record (even if the prior arrest has nothing to do with the current charges). What our attorneys hope to do is to help you with the underlying problem of drug and or alcohol abuse.

If you have a problem with substance abuse or addiction we will do whatever we can to get you the help you need. We will present your case to the judge and or prosecution and alert them to the fact that you are sick and want help.

For many crimes there are diversion programs that Maryland residents can get into. Now, this is not applicable in all cases. Regardless of whether it is or is not our attorneys will let you know right off the bat. Even if it is not possible they will do whatever they can to get you help while protecting your rights.

Common Crimes In Maryland

If you or a loved one has been charged with a criminal offense in Maryland, contact my law office for a confidential consultation. We will gladly review the facts of the matter and inform you of all possible legal defense options possible. Being charged with a criminal offense is a serious matter and could result in possible incarceration and the payment of stiff fines and penalties. Read on to learn more about the different criminal defense practice areas we service and how we can help defend your Constitutional rights.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes are prevalent throughout certain cities in Maryland. Our law office handles the following types of Maryland drug crimes:

  1. Federal drug charges
  2. 4th Amendment search & seizure violations
  3. Possession defense
  4. Drug manufacturing, trafficking, and distribution defense
  5. Misdemeanor drug charges
  6. Felony drug charges

Maryland state code section 5-601 covers drug possession and drug paraphernalia charges. Under this code, it is a criminal offense to be in possession of a controlled substance such as cocaine, meth, or heroine. Enhanced penalties, fines, and sentencing apply if you are found guilty of possessing a Schedule I controlled substance. Under Maryland state code section 5-602, it is a criminal offense to manufacture, distribute, or possess with the intent to distribute a controlled substance.

If you or your loved one has been charged with any of the above referenced crimes, contact our Baltimore criminal law office for a free consultation.

Sex Offenses

It is a crime to commit sex offenses in Maryland. Most sex offenses in Maryland are subject to sex offender registration. Our law office provides criminal defense representation for the following Maryland sex crimes:

  1. Child molestation
  2. Sexual assault
  3. Prostitution and solicitation
  4. Indecent exposure
  5. Sexting
  6. Rape
  7. Online sex crimes

There are varying degrees of sexual offense prosecution in Maryland. Each degree carries its own minimal incarceration allotment upon conviction.

Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile justice applies to teenagers who are not old enough to be held responsible for adult criminal acts. In Maryland, the criminal culpability age is 18-years-old. The juvenile justice system seeks to rehabilitate teens rather than punish them. Maryland counties have separate juvenile courts. The goal of each court is to stop cycles of delinquent behavior with troubled teens. If your child has been charged with a crime, contact our law office for a consultation.

Do not let a mistake your child made impact his/her future. Contact our law practice today for help.


Maryland classifies crimes into felonies and misdemeanors. A felony is a crime that is punishable by at least one year in prison. A misdemeanor is a crime punishable by up to one year in jail and is not classified into separate classes. We provide legal representation for the following Maryland misdemeanor crimes:

  1. Thefts
  2. Assault
  3. Stalking and harassment
  4. Possession of marijuana
  5. Driving under the influence

White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes consists of non-violent offenses characterized by the use of misinformation, concealment, or abuse of trust in regard to business interest. If you have been accused of white collar crimes such a embezzlement, racketeering, or identity theft, contact our law office for a consultation. A white collar crime conviction can have a serious impact on your career.

Contact Our Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyers

Do not face your pending Maryland criminal charges alone. Contact our team of Maryland criminal defense lawyers for a free consultation.

Our attorneys serve all of Maryland including Aberdeen, Annapolis, Baltimore, Bel Air, Bethesda, College Park, Elkton, Frederick, Glen Burnie, Havre De Grace, Hyattsville, Hagerstown, Laurel, Lanham, Landover, Ocean City, Olney, Rockville  Salisbury, Maryland.