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Trucking Accidents

trucking accidents Maryland Truck Accident Attorneys

When an accident involving a commercial truck happens in Maryland a life is either forever changed or lost. As difficult of a time as this is it is time to call for the assistance of an experienced Maryland trucking accident lawyers. Put simply, accidents involving eighteen-wheeler trucks are more complex, more dangerous, and more deadly than nearly any other type of auto accident on Maryland roads. The damage that can be done by these big rigs when they are negligently driven is nothing short of devastating. When handled improperly, a semi truck can easily become 50 tons of catastrophe on wheels.

Throughout all of Maryland tractor trailer accidents, and traffic fatalities, are caused by semi trucks can result in serious injury, including permanent disability, paralysis, and fatalities. If you or a family member have suffered injury in a Maryland truck accident, it is vital that you connect with our knowledgeable Towson, Maryland trucking accident lawyers as soon as possible. Our Waldorf, MD tractor trailer accident attorneys will be able to examine your case, the details of the accident, and will work every day on your behalf to ensure that you receive the largest possible settlement.

Trucking Accidents Compared To Car Accidents

At first investigative glance, a truck accident may seem similar to a car accident, but they are very different; not only in terms of damage done, but legally as well. The investigation involved in examining a truck accident is much more complex than investigating a comparatively simple car accident. These cases can involve an examination of a truck driver’s entire history as a commercial driver and the operating practices of the trucking company who hired the driver.

Driving Habits Leading To Maryland Trucking Accidents

There are many factors which can lead to truck accidents in and around DE, MD, DC, VA, PA & WV. In some cases, the driver may not have received adequate training. In others, the weight and size of the truck may fail to meet legal requirements. Sometimes, the trucks themselves are not properly serviced and maintained. Sometimes, trucking companies hold their drivers to tight deadlines which force drivers to speed or to drive for hours above the maximum legally allowed. Any and all of these activities create a dangerous situation for other drivers on the road. In still other cases, the cause of a truck accident is simply determined to be driver error, whether the error is recklessness, distraction, intoxication, or disregarding weather conditions.

In Maryland truck accident claims, drivers and the trucking company who hired them are the two most common negligent parties, but others who are involved, including manufacturers and brokers, can be and have been, determined to be at fault.

As we are highly capable Annapolis, Maryland trucking accident lawyers, some of the most commonly seen causes of truck-related accidents include:

Driver fatigue, long hours on the road
Speeding to make deadlines
Distractions such as phones or other in-cab distractions
Jackknifing caused by careless turns, poor braking, or driver error
Highway hypnosis, or zoning out at the wheel
Intoxication or substance abuse
Inadequate inspections and maintenance
Improper loading, or loads which fail to meet guidelines
Issues with equipment, including problems with the vehicle itself

In order to truly determine the cause of your truck accident, the entire situation will need to be evaluated by our Waldorf, MD truck accident lawyers. Even the state or local government may be determined to be partially at fault due to poor road design or maintenance, or failure to meet adequate warning standards for construction or road conditions.

What Our Maryland Trucking Accident Lawyers Offer

Violent highway crashes in which smaller vehicles like cars, trucks, and motorcycles collide with much larger commercial vehicles like a semi truck, an agricultural hauler, a tanker truck, or a car hauler, can easily result in life-altering injuries, or worse, in wrongful deaths for the drivers and passengers unfortunate enough to be caught in the path of destruction. These kinds of accidents have many causes, including blowouts, regulation violations, unsafe road conditions, and driver impairment or distraction. Truck accidents account for a significant percentage of wrongful death and personal injury cases every year in Maryland as well as Washington DC. Though you may be tempted to proceed in your case alone because you believe you are clearly not at fault for the accident and therefore entitled to the maximum compensation, without the help of our Bel Air, Maryland trucking accident lawyers, it is likely that you will not receive the positive outcome that you deserve.

The Elkton, Maryland tractor trailer injury attorneys ob our team have earned our reputation representing clients in a number of personal injury cases. We have a passion for helping individuals like yourself to recover compensation after an accident involving a commercial truck. Our Maryland trucking accident attorneys will thoroughly investigate the circumstances in your case, uncovering all negligent parties involved in order to see that you recover the full and fair compensation you need for your injuries and damages. Our Rockville, MD truck accident lawyers may recommend legal action against the driver, the trucking company, the commercial vehicle’s owner, and the insurance companies involved, depending upon the circumstances of your case. Insurance coverage involving multiple negligent parties can become a complex matter – another area where trucking accident lawyers have the knowledge and experience to ensure that every possible avenue by which you may receive compensation is navigated correctly.

Often, trucking companies will train their drivers as to what they should do and say after being involved in an accident in order to help ensure that the driver is not held responsible for the wreck. If you have been injured by a truck driver who was negligent, or worse, if you have lost a loved one in a semi truck collision, it is vital that you contact a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible to learn how accidents involving trucks are different from other types of Maryland car accidents, and what steps you can take to recover full and fair compensation. The Columbia, Maryland injury attorneys on our team charge no legal fees if we do not recover for you.

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